Small Kitchens


  Small Kitchen for 2-12 people

The Small Kitchen is decorated in loft style framed in grey, wood and metal as its main theme to create an industrial atmosphere.  It fit 2 people perfectly for a romantic cooking night or a small group up to 12 people. For bigger group more than 12 people, you may consider our Big Kitchen. 


An open kitchen is highlighted by a large dark silver mirror reflecting the dining area, bringing extra light and a feeling of openness.


Equipment and Seasonings

Basic seasonings such as salt, sugar, pepper, herbs and spices. Whirlpool microwave oven, Whirlpool 73lt full size oven, one set of 3 induction cooking stoves, 1 portable induction cooking stoves, refrigerator, basic tableware, silverware and wine glasses for 12, blender, rice cooker, cooking pots and pans, basic baking equipment such as electric egg beater, measuring cup, scale, a few baking tin.

Dining tables, chairs, DVD player, music equipment, private washroom, xbox360, free wifi, majong and majong table.

Charged parking till 11pm 



廚具包括七十三升大焗爐一個、惠而浦微波爐、惠而浦高火力電磁爐頭兩大一小、打邊爐電爐頭一個、雪櫃、基本廚具餐具十二位用、電飯煲、攪伴機,三層大蒸鍋,電水㷛,易潔鑊,生鐵鑊,中型湯㷛,飯㷛,刨皮器,刨蓉器、電飯煲等等。烘培工具、十二位酒杯、盛酒器、 長餐桌、speaker、麻雀、獨立洗手間