Rent A Michelin-Star-DimSum-Chef 

出租 - 米芝蓮星級點心師傅 - 包班

超過40年經驗,由曾任文華東方酒店米芝蓮星級中菜廳「文華廳」的中菜點心部主管Tony 師傅親自教授,學員會新手製作三款經典點心:

1. 雪山叉燒包

2. 鮮蝦菠菜餃

3. 潮州粉果


$900/位 ,6位起包班


1. 課程約3小時。試食完後有少量可帶走。

2. 價錢包括額外2小時 RENT-A-KITCHEN 小廚房/大廚房(是乎人數)包場 


- 完場後洗碗清潔服務


Rent-A- Michelin-Star-DimSum-Chef private class 

Join our exciting Dim Sum Cooking Class and embark on a culinary journey into the world of Chinese cuisine. Led by Chef Tony, a Dim Sum expert in Michelin Star restaurant "Man Wah", this hands-on class offers an unforgettable opportunity to learn the art of crafting delectable dim sum delicacies.

Chef Tony will personally guide you through each step, sharing his expertise and insider tips to ensure that you create authentic and mouth watering dim sum.

Not only will you learn the secrets of dim sum preparation, but you will also have the chance to savor your creations. After the class, you can take a small portion of the dim sum home to enjoy later. 


HK$900 per person, minimum 6 people per class



(852) 64642910