Fight! Master Chef 


Fight! Master Chef Contest! 

決戰! 真人版美女廚房 

我地準備一系列新鮮食材,勝出的組員可以優先選取食物;落敗一方需在剩餘的選擇下,發揮創意煮出指定的意大利菜式。 在沒有食譜參考下,組員可以完成任務嗎? A variety of fresh ingredients will be arranged. The winners could pick the best ingredients while losing side will get what is left, they are required to cook a designated authentic Italian meal without any recipes. Can they complete the mission?




①活動約2.5小時,已包食材  approx. 2.5 hours class, ingredients included

②額外2小時包場,大家一同享用食物 extra 2 hours venue rental, enjoy the meal 

③完場後洗碗清潔服務 after party cleaning service


-介紹 Introductions 

-熱身活動,學員需回答廚師的問題來決定選擇食材的先後次序 warm up, winning quiz to prioritize ingredients selection 

-導師從旁協助、討論與分享 discussions with our tutor, tips sharing

-烹飪 cooking competition starts

-上菜試食並選出優勝的小組! enjoy the meal and vote for the winning team!

費用已包了租場及完場後清潔洗碗服務。 場內設濾水飲水機,其他酒水及飲品自備,不收開瓶費。 Price includes venue rental and after party cleaning services. Drinking water is provided, you may drink your own drinks and alcoholic beverages without corkage fee.  



全程有意大利菜廚師 Chef Oliver駐場俾貼士、 教授意大利菜秘訣和配撘! No worries, our Chef Oliver will be standing by providing guidance and tips. 

【價目 及 查詢】

公司報價請致電或WhatsApp +852 6464 2910  


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